Student Activity Committee

The Student Activity Committee (SAC) is a forward-looking, student-governed community of AOC student members. Student membership in AOC can help make you a more successful student, and enhance your future as an agricultural, biological, or food engineering professional.



Since its inception, AOCABFE’s Student Activity Committee has consistently helped our students members through future professional development and providing members with valuable information and networking opportunities. Working closely with the AOCABFE Executive Board, the SAC will strive to support all student members’ interests and organize events better serving your needs.


SAC Activities

The Student Activity Committee provides student members with a vast range of important resources, including networking opportunities with fellow students, mentorship and professional development, and access to AOCABFE-sponsored events and activities.


SAC Executive Board

The Student Activity Committee Executive Board works closely with AOCABFE’s leadership to promote the interests of student members, as well as plan and organize student events.


Student Awards

The Student Activity Committee offers a variety of awards each year to AOCABFE’s student members. Students may submit an entry to one of our competitive awards or nominate others to win.

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