Dear friends, colleagues, and AOC members:

When I began my term as President of our organization, I set out an ambitious agenda for me and the AOC board to tackle during my tenure. To achieve those goals, the AOC board held three board meetings this year, where we discussed that agenda, as well as many other ideas for improving AOC and ensuring that it has strong and sustainable future development.  I also had the honor of speaking to many of you about your thoughts on AOC, and I very much appreciated all of the suggestions and comments I received from each of you. I want AOC to remain as the central hub of communication and resources in our community, and I’m very happy to announce that we have met the goals of my agenda and made the following advances:

1. Approved the amendments of AOC’s bylaws, which will be submitted to the AOC annual business meeting for approval;

2. Created an official WeChat account for AOC to announce AOC events and activities, as well as AOC and AOC board member WeChat groups to facilitate communication in the AOC community;

3. Created a new AOC website with a modernized design and new logo, including a mentor forum to provide a platform for senior scientists to advise and help young scientists and students on their career development;

4. Approved and implemented this year’s honor and award programs.

We are now looking forward to seeing everyone at our annual AOC activities during the 2017 ASABE Annual International Meeting in Spokane, Washington!  During the meeting, AOC will host the AOC/NERCITA China Exchange Forum, the AOC annual business meeting, and the AOC award banquet, as well as co-host a special session with the ASABE Global Exchange program, the African Network, and the Indian Community (AABFEIO). We have been working hard in preparing these activities, and the AOC board and I thoroughly hope everyone has a wonderful time at our events.

It has been such an honor serving as the President of AOC, especially getting to meet so many of our AOC members, friends, and colleagues. It has been truly fantastic seeing the enthusiasm and passion so many of you have for AOC, and I look forward to meeting and hearing from more of you during the rest of the year as we continue to find ways to improve AOC. I am so proud to be a part of this organization and community, and hope you are as well. I deeply appreciate everyone’s support of AOC, and hope you will continue to support this wonderful and important organization!


Yanbo Huang
AOC President (2016-2017)

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