AOCABFE Fellow Nomination Form

AOC Instructions for Submitting Fellow Nominations

1. Characteristics of a Fellow

“A Fellow of the Society is an honor conferred for exceptional achievement by a Member of the Association in any one or more of the following areas – research, technology development, technology transfer, teaching, extension, consultancy, senior administration and communication, which advance the profession of agricultural, food, or biological engineering in its broad application and a minimum of 10 years as a Member in AOCABFE.”

2. Elements of Nomination

Qualifications for Fellow are described in the Bylaws and Rules of AOCABFE, Article B5, Qualifications for Admission, Paragraph 3 (see

To nominate an AOCABFE Member for the Grade of Fellow, the nominator shall provide AOCABFE executive board with the following documents.

  • Nomination Form: Please use the attached Nomination Form (Download via this link: AOC-Fellow-Nomination-Form). The maximum length of the completed Nomination Form is four pages (10 pt. or larger font).
  • Five letters of support. Please follow the instructions described below.

The Nomination Form and letters of support are to be converted into PDF files and submitted to AOCABFE executive board through email to the attention of Dr. Hong Li – Please use “AOCABFE Fellow” as subject of the email. The support letters may be sent with the Nomination Form or may be sent separately. The deadline for submitting Nomination Forms and letters of support is May 1st, 2018.

3. Notification of Election

The nominator of the Fellow nominee shall be notified by AOCABFE executive board after the nominee has been recommended by the Fellows Committee and elected to the Grade of Fellow by the AOCABFE executive board. If the nominee is not selected in the first year of consideration, the nominee will be considered by the Fellows Committee for two additional years. AOCABFE executive board will notify individuals elected to Fellow. News releases and publicity will be issued at the time of the Annual Meeting at

4. Procedure in Case of Death of Nominee
If a Fellow nominee should die after the nomination is submitted to AOCABFE executive board, that nomination will be considered as if the nominee were still alive with the nominee remaining eligible for election to Fellow for the two year period mentioned above in addition to the first year of consideration. Nominations of deceased AOCABFE members for Fellow cannot be accepted.

5. Instructions for the Letters of Support

The letters of support are to be prepared by those who are broadly representative of the profession insofar as technical interest, occupation and professional responsibility are concerned. The supporting letters shall relate the writer’s personal knowledge and evaluation of the candidate’s achievements, recognitions and professional activities. Each letter is limited to a maximum length of two pages (10 pt. font or larger), and should be converted into a pdf file for submission.

The following guidelines are provided for developing a well-structured letter of support.

DO include in the Letter of Support:

  • First the author is to briefly state his/her own background, credentials, current employment and the employment most applicable for the relationship with the nominee.
  • Summarize personal knowledge about the nominee and the circumstances under which the nominee was known, including the length of time the author has known and/or worked with the nominee.
  • Focus on the unique contributions that the nominee has made to the profession.
  • Describe the nominee’s personality, work ethic and teamwork skills, particularly in relationship to professional contributions made by the nominee.
  • Cover each point of support clearly, but as concisely as possible.
  • Keep the letter focused and make it no longer than two (2) pages (10 pt. font or larger).
  • Each author is to provide complete author contact information and be on official stationary where possible.

DO NOT include in the Letter of Support:

  • Do not restate information that is already included in the completed nomination form.
  • Do not describe participation in religious organizations or political parties.
  • Do not exceed the specified maximum length of the letter.

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