Dear AOC Members and Supporters:

With your support and participation, AOC has successfully established for ten years and made significant contribution to our members and profession. Now we call for donations from you to AOC for sustaining the continued successful development and greater achievements of AOC.

AOC Foundation was founded in 2005. Its mission is to raise funds to promote AOC, to encourage and support scholars and students in China and abroad to participate in AOC activities, and to help academic institutions, industries and government agencies worldwide better understand and promote agricultural, biological and food engineering in China. Activities to be supported by the AOC Foundation include:

  1. AOC Graduate Scholarly Achievement Award;
  2. AOC Graduate Leadership and Service Award;
  3. AOC Student Paper Awards;
  4. AOC Early Career Award;
  5. AOC Distinguished Career Award;
  6. AOC Distinguished Service Award;
  7. China Exchange Session at ASABE and AOC annual meetings;
  8. Student activities during ASABE and AOC annual meetings.

AOC Foundation will acknowledge our donors through the following channels:

  1. Sending the acknowledgment letters with certificates to the donors by both emails and regular mails;
  2. Acknowledging the donors on AOC websites;
  3. Acknowledging the donors on Impact, the AOC newsletter;
  4. Presenting plaques to the donors at AOC annual banquets for donations equal to or greater than $1,000.

Thank you for your support to AOC.



Yanbin Li

Past Funding Director
Past Fundraising Committee Chair
Biol. & Agri. Engineering Dept.
University of Arkansas


Yuin Lan

Past President
Research Engineer & Adjunct Professor
Biol. & Agri. Engineering Dept.
Texas A&M University


Naiqian Zhang

Past President
Biol and Agri. Engineering Dept.
Kansas State University


Zhongli Pan

AOCABFE Foundation Director
Fundraising Committee Chair
Research Engineer & Adjunct Professor
University of California


Juming Tang
Past President
Fundraising Committee Chair
Biol. & Agri. Engineering Dept.
Washington State University


Ning Wang
Past President
Biol and Agri. Engineering Dept.
Oklahoma State University

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